West Elm, Ice Blocks in Sacramento, CA

West Elm 2018

Project: West Elm
Location: Ice Blocks, Sacramento, CA
Architect: MBH Architects
Size: 10,992 SF
Completed: July, 2018


This beautiful West Elm project was completed during ongoing building of the shell and site construction.  The project was shut down for one month while the client and landlord resolved issues, creating a scheduling challenge for SMC.  The team was able to successfully remobilize and keep to the schedule.  SMC team accommodated last minute design changes to install custom glass panels at the main cash wrap, reflecting the history and heritage of “Ice Blocks” location. This required careful coordination and expediting of materials to and from glass panel manufacturer.

“Truly amazing performance by all involved; expectationally clean execution, 
all should be proud, especially Ron! Thank you!”
Michael Resneck, Director of Construction, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.